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We need Your HELP! Omeida Trading 178 relies entirely on donations in order to be effective and successful in its vision. Please contact us if you are able to HELP!

"God’s Government & Authority are incontestable, that is His Power & Majesty are enough to support His Authority!" Prophet TB Joshua


Zama from Orlando East went blind when he was 6 years old. His blindness was first discovered in the classroom.

He is now 13 and lives with his grandmother. If you are able to assist Zama in any way please contact us.

We were given a house to run but it has no electricity. It consists of nothing other than large rooms which desperately need renovation.

If you are able to assist in any way, please contact
Omeida Trading 178
2006/07 South Africa Survey
Latest HIV/AIDS and Poverty statistics
Our vision is to build basic RDP housing and replace all shacks in S.A by providing low cost housing for people who are poor, not working or who are earning less than R2000 per month. We support the importance of providing good governance in the low cost housing / S.A property sector.

If you would like to donate / contribute / be involved in our housing and school building projects in any way, please feel free to contact us for further information and procedures.

Especialliy during winter, many people use paraffin stoves in their shacks which poses a huge fire hazard. Once a shack catches fire by accident, the fire spreads quickly to neighbouring shacks, killing many poor and underpriveledged families in the process.
We encourage property investment through provision of Low Cost Housing, which is in line with the SA INNER CITY GENERATION (Batho Pele – People First).

Although Social Housing needs in South Africa can be met through the Department of Housing, many feel the S.A government has neglected its people - the procedure to provide Low Cost Housing simply takes too long.

It is for this reason that we turn to donors and organisations to provide donations / time / expertise to assist us in eliminating shacks and providing basic housing for all South Africans.

Investments are made to improve existing buildings and to build low cost housing in keeping with the government objectives of providing housing for all.

We also buy dilapidated buildings which we renovate in order to provide low cost housing.
RDP (Reconstruction and Development Property) is extremely cost-effective and a simple method is used to build Low Cost Housing.
RDP housing is very basic and consists of one bedroom, a sitting room, kitchen and toilet and is mainly provided for the poor.

Townships / Areas in which Low Cost Housing is built, may be named after the Donors and Organisations that made the building of Low Cost Housing possible.


If our budget allows, we would be so proud to build schools in rural areas of South Africa.
It is hard to believe in this day and age, that many of our children still have to learn outside under the trees, facing the often harsh elements of nature, whilst battling with a severe lack of stationery, books, studying tools, etc.

Clinics and good sanitary systems would also be vital in ensuring that our children are in a safe and hygienic environment, where a bush or tree outside is not their only toilet facility.

Funds are not easily available or accessible in the community which is why we are appealing to donors and organizations for donations to build schools.

In a Nutshell - We Want Everybody in South Africa to Own a House and Have Access to
Equal and Proper Education!