Current HIV / AIDS Awareness Project
  Hiv / Aids Awareness in South Africa  
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Zama from Orlando East went blind when he was 6 years old. His blindness was first discovered in the classroom.

He is now 13 and lives with his grandmother. If you are able to assist Zama in any way please contact us.

We were given a house to run but it has no electricity. It consists of nothing other than large rooms which desperately need renovation.

If you are able to assist in any way, please contact
Omeida Trading 178
2006/07 South Africa Survey
Latest HIV/AIDS and Poverty statistics
Many people find it hard to learn about the AIDS pandemic in South Africa and not try to do something about it. Let's all stand together to fight the scourge of AIDS and combine our efforts to raise HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention in South Africa.
  1. Well known individuals are invited to come and support HIV / AIDS education and prevention by speaking in our meetings
  2. People living with HIV / AIDS are most welcome to come and share their own experiences, offering hope and encouragement to those living with AIDS in South Africa.
  3. Artists are invited to come and sing in concerts to raise HIV / AIDS awareness.
  4. Money donations to hire all of the above. We would like to book a stadium which allows for maximum impact due to its ability to accommodate a large number of people at one time.
  Our main emphasis is to take you to the rural areas of South Africa where people don’t have access to TVs or newspapers and are completely reliant on word of mouth.

Our main theme is Women and Child abuse, which is more rampant in these rural areas where we find most of South Africa’s illiterate or semi-literate, who need to see and experience the fight against HIV/AIDS, WOMEN ABUSE and CHILD ABUSE face to face.

Education is needed in communities to:

  • Destroy the harmful perceptions that Women and Children are inferior and deserving of abuse
  • Protect, encourage and support our Women and Children.
HIV / AIDS is taking its toll on the children of South Africa, with many children becoming orphans. Children as young as 10 years are now forced to leave school and fend for themselves.
If our budget permits we will build orphanages and homes for people infected and affected by
  For further details, please contact us directly.