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"God’s Government & Authority are incontestable, that is His Power & Majesty are enough to support His Authority!" Prophet TB Joshua



Zama from Orlando East went blind when he was 6 years old. His blindness was first discovered in the classroom.

He is now 13 and lives with his grandmother. If you are able to assist Zama in any way please contact us.


We were given a house to run but it has no electricity. It consists of nothing other than large rooms which desperately need renovation.

If you are able to assist in any way, please contact
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2006/07 South Africa Survey
Latest HIV/AIDS and Poverty statistics


My name is Mr. Matthews Buthelezi of Omeida Trading 178.
In 2000 I discovered that one of my relatives was suffering from HIV, with full blown aids, not detected at an early stage.

We find that it is mainly HIV positive woman that work to provide our country’s AIDS suffers with home care and better nutrition especially those living far out in rural communities.

After long and careful thought I formed Omeida Trading 178 in 2005. Omeida Trading 178 grew out of my own experience of social stigma and exclusion and also out of a desire to make a difference in my community.

To mark World AIDS Day on December 1, Omeida Trading 178, in association with Hillbrow SAPS, organized a soccer match for the street kids, the poor community and HIV positive people and treated the orphaned children to Mc Donald’s.

Our culture allows men to have more than one wife and to have many girlfriends. It seems to be the sign of how strong a man is. In our society, if you have many girlfriends you are considered to be wealthy. People refuse to be tested because they fear humiliation from their neighbors.


We now support over 10 000 members mostly children who are orphans as a result of AIDS, abandoned children, street kids and poor communities.
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We also have a program that provides care givers who do home visits for terminally ill patients. We began by taking care of our members at a support group level, but then hospitals started discharging more and more people to die at home.

These care givers are women from the community and members from the SAPS that demonstrate true commitment. They are not paid or given any incentives, what they do comes purely from their hearts.

Care givers look after everybody and there aren’t enough of them.
We also have one qualified doctor who sees patients free of charge.


The vision of Omeida Trading is to be the primary source of commercially sustainable industrial development and innovation to the people of South Africa and the rest of the African continent. We want to:

  • identify and support opportunities not yet addressed by the markets
  • build upon and invest in human capital in ways that systematically and increasingly reflect the diversity of our society
  • establish local investment, global investment and partnerships in projects that are rooted in or benefit South Africa and the rest of Africa
This picture depicts the reality of Poverty in our country!

Should you wish to support our efforts in any way, please contact us for more information!